RPG [Paladox] The Fairy, the Succubus, and the Abyss - (Nov 11th, 2018 - Version 0.745 Update!)


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Latest Version:
Download Version 0.745

Walkthrough: (sorry, no walkthrough yet!)

Saves from previous versions will not work with version 0.74 due to new scripts that were added. Sorry!
I am leaving the following for future versions, as saves should be compatible going forward.
Transfer Saved Games: You can copy an old saved game from the game's folder and pop it in the new folder.
(Will not transfer some things and some events might respawn).

Subscribe to my Patreon to help me commission more art, animations, and lots of other enhancements that will help improve the quality of FSA.
I also provide weekly updates at my Patreon on what I'm currently working on.
My Patreon Page

The Fairy, The Succubus, and The Abyss

Seventy years have passed since the War of the Purple Dragon. Peace reigns across the land. The few remaining monsters are content to remain in their dark caves and underground passages.
Now, as past threats of evil fade away and become mere legends, dark forces stir in the depths.
War is coming. The six kingdoms are not prepared.


-Play as Sienna, a fairy living in seclusion, as she is captured and thrust into The Abyss, A place so Hellish that none have ever escaped.

-Eat, drink, sleep, and bathe as enemies inflict wounds, infections, poison and disease. Struggle to survive in the harshest of environments, including hot and cold zones.

-Defeat in the Abyss is not always the end. A large variety of monsters will eagerly rape Sienna if she falls in battle, inflicting trauma, disease, and possibly even pregnancy.

-Give birth to ten different varieties of sprites, then nurse and feed them daily so they will age and grow. Equip them for a variety of bonuses.

-Monsters die permanently (with few exceptions)! Kill all enemies in an area and solve the Light Lock to make the next time through a much safer experience.

-A variety of boss fights that often play more like an action mini-game or puzzle. Don't forget to save first! Just one mistake here and these bosses will kill you.

-Choose morality or partake in guilty pleasures. Sienna can be good or bad. The choice is yours.

-The nice choice is not always the best choice. NPCs can sometimes die just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

-At key points in the story you'll make final decisions that will permanently shape Sienna's character, changing her personality or giving her unique (and often useful) traits.
Sienna's personality affects her behavior during sex, and later in the game Sienna will automatically make choices based on her personality.

-During the story Sienna will give birth to six other fairies, and later on they'll join your party and help you fight.
Your fairy children and other allies have personalities and battles of their own.
At key points during the story you'll need to backtrack with them to discover hidden locations, events, and even bosses that only they can activate.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6

Script Credits:
No music change script - Modern Algebra

Animated Battler Graphic script - Original by Neonblack, modified by ???nOBodY???

Graphical Credits:
All fairy sprites, new portraits, and sex animations by Bebecake:

Fairy baby sprites by Arsministrator: http://www.patreon.com/Arsministrator?ty=h[/B]
Some commissioned images by Obakawaii: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/obakawaii
Many sprites taken from VH (Violated Heroine) and modified for use.
Some sprites by Evolution.
Various artwork by Mavis: www.mydirtydrawings.com

If anyone has a problem with my use of any of the art included in FSA then let me know and I'll remove it.
The only exceptions being default Rpg Maker assets that I have modified.
Unless someone says so then I have no idea which art is actually public domain, free to use, royalty free, etc..
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Jungle Girl
Mar 3, 2013
Re: Survival Project: Opinions? [NSFW!] [18+]

The main idea is good but i'd like a fairy with long hair but that just my opinion xD

It's a good start and im sure that would make a very nice game
I enjoy when i play game with Xp system
The art work is really good too

In my opinion fairies arent too loli for this forum ( but im totally new so i dont know )

Good luck mate
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Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: Survival Project: Opinions? [NSFW!] [18+]

Can't post? Please see this thread: http://www.pelisbox.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=24746

The sprite will have hair in a big bun-like do. Maybe I can make the hair better and/or longer later on.
As for the hairstyle in the non-ingame pics.. They are basically made from what I find. xD But in-game styles will probably be rather varied.

If I can figure out an easy way to switch portraits & sprites, then the fairy's hair, hair style, and wing color will change depending on what she eats.

I just finished putting together a game over screen for when you die in bed (after not taking care of yourself).

So far I only have one sex scene but it is animated and has some randomness to it. I have oral done as well, but it is not as random. I'm going to add anal as well (animated with randomness) and have some enemies prefer one over the other, and some will just randomly pick one. Oral will always be the player's choice but I haven't figured out where and how that will happen yet.

Old Stuff from OP:

Older Versions

4Shared (non-zipped) (version 1B9): Download Here
Anonfiles (zipped) (version 1B9): Download Here

4Shared (non-zipped) (version 1B8): Download Here
Anonfiles (zipped) (version 1B8): Download Here

4Shared (non-zipped) (version 1B7): Download Here
Anonfiles (zipped) (version 1B7): Download Here

Really old Alpha Version
(with randomized dungeon): Download here

Random Drivel
April 27th: The older version download still seems to work (maybe just for me? I don't know).
The new version may have issues but things are in the middle of a transition right now. The dungeon is no longer random but set up as a series. There are now 3 bosses. Be warned that you WILL have to fight the 2nd boss in TB combat, so you may want to level up quite a bit first. Then again I still haven't taken out the default spells, so it will probably be easy if you use that powerful lightning spell.

Hmm.. also you have to have the fire spell to complete the fight. I forgot to block access to his lair for those that don't have it, so do NOT go inside unless you have it first, or you will get stuck.

Old information:
I closed off large unfinished areas. There are a lot of issues but it should be playable for the most part. Just not much to do yet. Also next update will allow you to sleep if you can't visit the woods or dungeon.

I've been working on a survival type project via RPG Maker VX for some time now, whenever I get a bit of free time to spare for it.

I've been doing a lot of experimenting with the game's engine. It's interesting what all you can do with pictures.
Basically the game is about a fairy being trapped underground and you have to find food, water, wood, watch your vitals, etc.. A lot of different stats will be tracked like spirit, health (I don't mean HP, but how healthy you are), trauma, wounds, etc..

I had plans of having your fairy's looks change depending on events, what you feed her, etc.. but I'm considering just having one look because of all the different emote faces I'd have to do for each different hairstyle, etc..
Not to mention the sprites. xP The sex scenes are mostly what makes it complicated but maybe I can come up with a better system to easily swap out the faces.

Mostly used RPG Maker elements for the mockup title screen. Don't have an actual name for the game yet. xP

BTW are fairies too loli for this forum?
Also, the red & white parts are supposed to be her torn outfit/dress. But I'd like to know if others realized this upon first seeing them or just got confused. I could easily remove those from the picture.
And yes you can escape a fight by giving up some of your clothing. It always works but when you lose the whole dress there's no escape (agility gets demolished at that point).

Also you have to use a workbench to mend your clothing and wounds. Leaving wounds untreated will result in infections and a bloody bed (which contributes slightly to your chances of catching a disease).

1B9 Additions:
Tutorial sequence where you meet Jennifer has a slight addition. Merely introduces the 3rd Crypts boss. He's just kinda there.
2nd The Crypts Boss
3rd The Crypts Boss
The Crypts Levels 1-5
Daily Gamble (Annis the blonde succubus in a bed in Kendra's Palace)
Gem Dealer (north section of Kendra's Palace) also fixes music box for you.
All children can be had from the start. Also the daily gambling gives an alternative to rape to have children.
Might be other stuff I've changed/added. I can't remember it all.

1B10 Additions:
Breast milk touchups: 100%
Various skills limitations: 100%
New Sprite Functions: 100%
Sprites Nursing: 100%
New plant/garden room: 100%
Remove food shop and instead have the tavern guy sell miniscule portions: 100%
Adjusted warmth gains: 100% (fire cantrip now only grants +10 warmth and fire skill now grants +10 per level to maximum warmth).
Crypts Level 7 Boss: 100%
Sienna's new outfits & clothing system: 100%
New limited saves system: 100% ( Resident Evil <3 )
Crypts Levels 6-10: 100%
Crypts Level 10 Boss: 100%
Tonics no longer heal wounds or add spirit, but do restore stamina (50/100/150), depending on the strength of the tonic.
Changing open wounds to patched wounds no longer requires a cloth, but instead takes a minute per wound.
All tonics and antidotes are now mildly intoxicating.
Fixed Sienna and her children's doorways appearing below Sienna's head.
Fixed underlying problem with backwards enemy battle sprites (had not thought to check the script for that).
Reworked water bucket to be compatible with new clothing system.

The Mines Levels 1-3: 95%
The Mines Boss 1: 100% ? (not thorougly tested)
Please be advised. There is currently no warp and the cart does NOT return if you are defeated or cast safety here.
If you're defeated in The Mines after using any cart (or cast safety for any reason) then I suggest you immediately reload your game.
(Unless you don't wish to return to The Mines)

Fixed pregnancy issues. Please let me know if you have difficulty getting different children.
Added Mystery Bags to merchants item list. He will stock them at the start of a new day.
Replaced old fishing spots. Fish will be more limited now. Fishing skill level should now function properly.
Fish in The Garden will respawn. Others will not. This allows you to accumulate fish in The Garden while also allowing you to catch bonus fish in other locations.
Fishing locations will be fenced in to provide a visual cue that you can fish there.

1B10P5 Update:
Fixed NPC sex glitch at Kendra's Palace (the girls will now return to their spots and not glitch). The other girl is now also active.
Fixed perma-burning logs glitch. The Crypts and Fulvous should now be accessible again.
Fixed The Mines Level 2 to 1 transition glitch.
Temporarily removed Bondi the Gargoyle from Kendra's Palace due to game-stopping glitches.
The Mines no longer have issues if you leave and come back via defeat or safety.
The Garden's 'Milking' Plants: 100%
The Undergarden: 95%

1B10P6 Update:
Removed 'happy' rape face. Temp fixed faces for consensual sex.
Workaround for clothing glitch - Pig merchant now offers to replace your outfit if your agility is 1.
Fixed wings: 100%
Applied new sprite to Sienna's body & her outfits: 100%
Entry to the Crypts level 10 boss should now be possible.
All green slimes in The Vinery should now disappear when defeated.

Implemented new Bribery system. Currently only works for Abyssians.

There are now enchanted rocks that must be dispelled with earth magic.
There are currently only two but I will likely apply this to several areas.
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Jungle Girl
Mar 3, 2013
Re: Survival Project: Opinions? [NSFW!] [18+]

It's that blood on the body ?? Oo


Mystic Girl
Oct 2, 2010
Re: Survival Project: Opinions? [NSFW!] [18+]

First, let me applaud you for beginning a new project. I hope you'll manage to stick it out and make something for us all to enjoy.

That said, your title picture is a mish-mash of different art styles, and it's rather jarring. Until you give us something to play around with, I can't really comment on the gameplay aspects -- all of what you mentioned including could be very fun or horribly irritating, depending on how they're implemented.

Also, faeries are not too loli for this forum (see the thread about Eluku's Fairy Fighting, which was only censored because of an actual loli character added in much later).


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo d/l added)

Gameplay Help (outdated, please check in-game Informatory for better, more current information)
Use keys 1 through 7 to check statistics.

Nutrition - Maximum is 1000. Constantly decreases. Increase by using food items.
Hydration - Maximum is 1000. Constantly decreases. Refill by drinking a bottle of water.
Hygiene - Maximum is 250. Constantly decreases, especially with work or sex. Refill by using a bucket of water (found in Sienna's room)
Warmth - Maximum is 250. Constantly decreases. Refill by using a fireplace (found in Sienna's room)

Health - Maximum is 100. You die when you have none. Restore with tonics.
Stamina - Maximum is 200/400. Typically used up when you work. Refill by nap/sleep.
Wounds - Inflicted when enemies bite or claw Sienna. Removed by using the first aid kit (version 1B9) or the cloth item (after 1B9)
Patched Wounds - Wounds turn into these after you patch them. Use the kit/cloth again, repeatedly, to remove each patched wound.
Trauma - Reduces maximum life points. Remove with tonics.
Infections, Diseases, and Poisons - Damages health when you sleep. Remove with antidotes.

Active Mammary Glands - Milk produced when you sleep. Increases if you are nursed, decreases if not.
Breast Milk Available - Milk available in Sienna's breasts.
Pregnant - Will only appear if Sienna is fertilized.
Gestation - x/3 Takes three days to have a baby. This keeps track of it.

Wand Skill - Increases max wand charges. Improves over time by attacking with wands and recharging them.
First Aid - Heal more patched wounds as it increases. (may change)
Lumberjack - ???
Mining - ???
Fishing - Fish in The Garden appear more often.
Farming - More harvest-able plants appear in The Garden.

All skills gain exp as you use them and only level up when you sleep. Excess experience goes towards the next level.

Lantern Fuel - Shows how much lantern fuel you have left. Refill with the 3 oil bottles you see on shelves.
Novice, Advanced, and Superior wand charges - Shows remaining charges in each wand type.
To replace the charges in a wand equip it and then cast the wand recharge spell.

Spirit/Despair - Decreases during rape and ??? events. Increases with quests, unique item finds, and upgrades. Can only be restored through special means.
Guilt - Decreases whenever you make a decision Sienna doesn't agree with.
(there's currently no real consequence to having high/low scores in spirit/despair or guilt)
Planned: Guilt will affect Sienna's character development. Spirit/despair will make Sienna less resistant to rape, torture, etc..

Gems - Shows the current number of gems you're carrying and how many you can carry before you start losing them.
You will never see a lost gem. It gets turned into gold. (Why? When your gem bags are full Sienna chucks the otherwise wasted gem in with her gold coins, where it gets spent at only 1/10th of its value).

1B10P11 Update:
Fixed the 2 Abyssians rape event during the "That's Mine" quest (when she loses they now simultaneously rape Sienna in a brutal threesome).

Added animated blood flowers to the larger spots of blood in the game. You can harvest them for a monster blood, leaves, and gardening experience.

Fixed blood spatter on walls (previously you could move up walls that had blood on them. It won't get you anywhere but it's just weird).

Fixed another green rock that was located in The Crypts (in a currently inaccessible area).

Revised a few things in Kendra's palace. You can now loot a couple of the shelves above the barkeep (nobody cares). You can also use the alchemy set that's located there.
Added a lantern refill to the statue/challenge room. You'll be using it often as challenge rooms have no light lock and no lantern refills.
Time passes 37x faster while inside a challenge room (I might reduce it later if that seems too extreme).

Fixed the clothing/escape ability issue (hopefully). When you buy the outfit it now checks your escape ability twice. For some reason it wasn't giving you back the escape ability like it was supposed to.
Taking a nap will also fix escape ability if you have any clothing on. This way you don't have to repurchase the outfit if you saved with 1 agility/escape ability.

Sienna can now study and learn Earth spells.

I replaced the two beds in The Dungeon (levels 4 and 8) with single-use green heal orbs (like those found in the boss rooms).

Taking a nap now costs 60 minutes (instead of 10). In Sienna's room (and only her room) you now have the option of using time instead of ink to save your game.

A new character you meet is going to have a wonky-lookin' walk animation. I'll probably have to work on it off and on for a couple years to get it right, like with the fairy. Of course I did have something to start with when I made the fairy animation so this one could take even longer to get just right... but in the meantime the wonky one will do as a placeholder (or you can assume she has no idea how to walk.. which is actually true).

The goblin merchant's prices now vary more (2 gold for cloth, 3 for wood, 5 for water). He has a limited supply of wood and water. He never runs out of cloth but he keeps most of it in the box, so you'll have to check the box if you want to sell items now.

1B11 Update:
Fixed the drawers not properly taking 500 gold (only required that you have that much).
Fixed an early rat that was using a kobold's sprite.
Fixed a gold stash on Dungeon Level 10 that couldn't be picked up.
Fixed two chests on Dungeon Level 10 that couldn't be destroyed.
Fixed the Wind Wizard's spellbook. It will now properly activate the correct switch when picked up, allowing you to exit the room.
Fixed some trees in The Vinery. You can now walk over their stumps and enter the boss fight on level 4.
Fixed Safety not working after progressing past Level 3 and/or Level 5 boss rooms in The Crypts.
Reduced combat spell/attack/skill animation sizes. Might need further reduction.

Added a script that Jus4Fun found that might fix the crashes some players are experiencing due to unknown issues.
If the game crashes it should point out the issues in a text file: gobj.txt
If the game starts to become laggy after you play multiple sessions then delete gobj.txt and it should get better.
The creation of the gobj.txt debugging file will be removed in the final version of FSA.

Replaced the 'black mystery' penis graphic with the normal penis seen in fellatio. The angle is a bit different now.

1B11P1 and P2 Updates:
After the black spider fight (and subsequent cutscene), you're no longer caught in an infinite furniture, etc.. dialogue loop.

Fixed clothing going negative (which was causing players to get stuck in after sex poses, etc..).
Some monsters may still need tweaking for this to fully take effect, but a failsafe 'should' keep this from happening.

Candelabras in the primary hub area have had their animation removed to reduce lag in that area.

Surprised Kobolds are no longer a long image of kobolds.

After the kidnapping event, leaving and then returning to that area no longer respawns the 2 Abyssians and Guard.

Talking to Purple (should) no long crash the game.
Viewing the 4th quest no longer crashes the game.

Current Issues that you should be aware of: Hunger, thirst, etc.. notifications can cause Sienna to become stuck in mid-transition while opening doors, possibly in events, etc.. So try and keep needs and such at good levels to prevent this.
I will try and fix this but in the meantime you should be wary of the problem. I plan on removing the dialogue notices and replacing them with obvious temporary (not too obstructive) screen effects.

1B12 Update:
"Intelligence permanently incresed by 1." Typo fixed and changed to "Intelligence permanently increased by 1." (Please let me know if you find any further typo instances)
Debug NPC removed from Sienna's room (would display hidden clothing levels and change Survivor trait when talked to).
Please be cautious in the future and reload when an NPC only displays information when talked to, as I can be forgetful about removing them and they can really mess up events and your save game.
Special night time events can no longer occur while pregnant, to avoid overwhelming players and event conflicts.
Morning notifications will only display when no night time event occurs and Sienna is not pregnant.
Lantern images are now properly set/removed when leaving the night time event, and entering Dungeon Level 1.
Removed a leftover event from the night time event area that could cause problems if your time is past 1080 minutes.
To avoid the annoying sleepy status effect, time is now reset to 0 before and after the event that occurs after your first fight with The Black Spider.
Craft furniture dialogue corrected. Will now say craft 1 furniture instead of 1 outfit.
Updated Kendra's Facesets.
The Crypts door from level 8 to 9 now places the player in the correct spot on Level 9.
Random battle crashes have been fixed by ???nOBodY???. Thanks so much!
Can no longer get stuck when activating the lower half of Sienna's bed from below it at the start of the game.

After your fight with The Black Spider and you enter the long tunnel, there are additional triggers set in place that will trigger the storyline event (1080 time and running out of lantern fuel).
This was done to avoid prematurely frustrating the player with issues they have no control over at this time.

Updated stats loss. You will now see a brief image when losing significant stats. I erroneously have images saying you lose health when it is actually other stats you are losing.
Will try to fix this at some point in the future.

Reworked Nadie's Preparations quest. You can now go inside her room before completing the quest.
Merchant will now give Sienna the outfit and gem bag right after The Black Spider rapes her (like intended).
Purple will (after day 1) start to give daily hints about how to get all 6 children and what you should be trying to do next.
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Jungle Girl
Sep 27, 2011
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo d/l added)

I keep getting the error Script 'Cache' line 80: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. Are you sure your scripts are working 100%?


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo d/l added)

I didn't use any custom scripts. Everything is done using hand-made events.
I just unpacked the game and tried it myself and got the same error. No idea what's wrong.. very frustrating. I'll try and see if I can find out a way to fix it.

Edit: Apparently the file is too big and/or there may be an oversized bitmap. I'll re-upload after I find the culprit. THere's some unused audio I need to delete anyway.

Edit 2: New version uploaded and link updated. Installed and tested it to make sure. Here it is again:
Download Demo

This time there's no RTP included. If you don't have it then you'll need to download it here:

Also I found out that my problem was a bunch of image files that the game doesn't even use. I had left my work files in with the game files. Oops. :eek:
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Oct 11, 2011
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

>.> Is that vaginal sex animation from the MoeMoe games? It looks really familiar in style and movement. Is it a placeholder? I might be wrong, I'm not entirely sure, I just wanted to check to see if I was right xD


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Yes it's from the "Toilet 2"? game. It actually took me a long time to screenshot each frame from the flash game. xD

I was going to add in the climax as well but there's too many frames to screenshot, so I decided on what you see in the game.

Lately I've been playing VH (violated Heroine), and found the sprite sex to be surprisingly effective despite their simplicity. I've been considering just having most of the sex be sprite sex in the game but I'm not sure. Full screen sex scenes can tend to be overly long which leads to boredom and frustrated button mashing. At least IMO.

I've already made two slime sex sprites. I also like the idea because it adds new content rather than re-using stuff that players like yourself have already seen before.

Also, any opinions on the sexual sounds? I was going for more realistic, softer sex noises (well I need to take out some of her cries, but I mean the squishy sounds anyway). Is realistic better? Or is it better to have loud splashing, squishing, slimy, squirting noises? Or should it depend on the monster?


Mystic Girl
Oct 2, 2010
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm dumb. It looks interesting thus far.
EDIT2: Is there a way to improve your hygiene yet?
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Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)


The demo doesn't have a way to improve hygiene but the next update will. I added a bucket that you can use to wash up with using a bottle of water. The fireplace and warmth will work the same way, and both can be used multiple times a day with just one resource.

Some of the wood sources didn't work properly but the next update should allow you to chop up barrels, logs, etc.. for wood. Hopefully I can eventually replace most of the decorations with harvestable items.

Edit: Also, going to replace the initial char with one that looks more like the one in the intro screen. Green hair and light wings. I'll add more variations later on.
I just didn't much care for the green bun style hair. Made her head look too big

OP Dump 1:
Tower 2.1 Fix:
After his departure on day 15 Dillon should no longer be added to the party when you leave the game room. If he is already in your party, simply re-enter and leave.

Tower 2.0 Update:
Added Spellstones (like bottles from Zelda games, but refillable anywhere you can rest).

Added a spellstone to the tower basement. Already filled (oil enchantment)

Several issues involving time limbo and the hidden dungeon have been fixed.

Removed the food, water, etc.. storage, furniture crafting, etc..

Days will no longer be counted until you get to The Tower.

Comments on items in the tutorial should no longer be repeatable.

Sienna must now stand below and look up at a picture in order to comment on it (more realistic).

10 Cloth on shelves changed to Roll of Cloth (use in inventory to turn into 10 cloth).

Removed Ink Save system. Replaced Ink item with hourglass. Use the hourglass to see the current time.

The hourglass is added at the beginning of a new game. If you don't have it, you can speak with the

guard that use to give you ink. He will set your Hourglass count to 1 item.

If a save point asks for a bottle of ink in order to save, then please DO NOT use that save.

Report that save point to me. If you do use it to save, it will remove your hourglass.

The blacksmith will now sell Dillon's equipment and buy items from you.
He also sells mushrooms and monster blood for 25 gold each.

Shifted icons down one pixel. This should fix those stray pixels you may have noticed in your inventory/spells lists.

Dispatched enemy groups will now explode like a rock. Why? It just seems more satisfying that way. :)

The first encounter with The Black Spider has been changed. It's now a simple Turn Based boss fight.

No longer possible to "cheat" through the tower boss and teleporters added to room (to get you from side to side).

Made a few updates to the informatory/help menu.

Updated the Wand Recharge description.

Removed "wand skill exp" increases when recharging the wand.

You can now take care of the cat girl every day, but it uses up 1 Cloth, 1 Bottle of Water, and 1 Fresh Fish. You can also repeatedly hug her (after the care).

Every morning while in The Tower, you get 2 Leaves (for bedding, but Sienna keeps them).

Can now sleep through the days while in The Tower. Night events will still happen.

Lunch with Dillon has been removed. Breakfast, Dinner, and Bath Time are now optional.

Restoring Dillon's meals now increases his relationship points 3x as much.
You can now have a LOT of sex with Dillon.

Blue boxes in The Tower levels now have perfume bottles in them. There will be 100 bottles in total.

Each bottle will give Sienna +1 maximum Spirit. I will probably grant additional rewards for every 10 bottles found.

Heavy intoxication could result in Sienna skipping dialogue choices, among other things.

Intoxication also results in faster loss of hydration. You may have noticed this already as you drink tonics and antidotes.

Intoxication and Temptation are both removed by the doctor's paralytic injection.

The rapid baby development injections, however, increase her intoxication.

You can now counter Intoxication with food and water (consume before or after being intoxicated).

Eating with Dillon will completely remove intoxication. Taking a bath also helps a little.

Sleep will reset intoxication levels to 0, regardless of positives or negatives.

Sienna doesn't get hangovers but you may wake up thirsty...

Fixed the cell door setting time to 56 when you first go through it.
It now properly sets time to 0.

Tweaked breakfast, dinner, and bath events to prevent players from potentially getting stuck in limbo.

Added sprite sex to Violator's non-Jennifer sex event. Added sprite sex (when they're still men) to all the night rape events.

Fixed all of Scovos' retry options turning time back on. That should no longer happen now unless you leave the room.

Added +10 agility to all of Dillon's equipment. Club weapon added to the blacksmith's store (can hit burrowed Sad Muki).

Small club area added to The Tower basement. Dance, card, and sex mini-games added to club.

High levels of temptation will result in Sienna offering sex to any character you talk to.

Extreme levels of intoxication or temptation will result in Sienna having sex with a monster instead of a fight.

The Holy Bible can block Sienna from engaging in some events, when equipped, and trigger others.

It is not an effective block against intoxication events, and may even trigger some.

The lab minigame now rewards you with (consecutively) water, antidotes, and tonics instead of the previous antidotes only.

The Tower stealth minigame can now be bypassed in 2 different ways: Bribery (no hints on who, sorry!), and force.

There are now easy to reach alternative switches that are gaurded by difficult fights.

Added preventive switch to doors, such that Sienna should not be pulled away while going through a door/invisible.

Duplicate sounds during some of Sienna's sex events (don't understand it, as of yet).

Could possibly get pregnant after having Vallerie. It shouldn't cause any problems but you won't be able to give birth (no matter how many days pass). Also, the pregnancy will be replaced (with Adivia) when you have the dream sequence toward the end. I will try and fix this up differently in future versions (have sprites in less than 1 day, dream sequence near the boss fight it's related too, etc..).

I hope everyone enjoys the new update. Thanks for your support and for playing!

Next (1B13) Update:
Changed Marissa's spells. (restart may be required to get the new spells)
Changed ?????'s spells. (restart may be required to get the new spells)
Added late game merchant to upgrade some of your items.

Currently working on:
The Preparations quest will function for all 6 children. Each one will require different items to be crafted.
All Sienna's children's progenitors.' sprites are done and fully utilized and can father all Sienna's children.

Finished Preparations quest for all 6 Children. Just needs testing now.

A new party member will keep you company.. from time to time. Needs testing and dialogue added to early game.
After you get all 6 children bring this new character to your room and 5 years will pass.
You will need them because they will take care of Sienna while she cares for her children.
This character will be gone from your party after the 5 years, but you know where to find them.

Overall Progress (needs updating):
First 1/2 of Game & Escape Ending
Quest and Dialogue: 30% ?
The Dungeons: 95%
The Crypts: 95%
The Vinery: 80%
The Mines: 35%
Characters: 7/10 (need sprite for one, spells for all 3)

2/2 of Game (plus other endings)
Quests and Dialogue: 1%
Sub Areas
1 Pen: 15%
1 Col: 0%
2 Cat: 15%
2 Nec: 0%
3 BlWd: 0%
3 Hol: 0%
4 Tem: 0%
4 Sty: 0%
Extra Areas
0 Lav: 60%
0 ???1: 0%
0 ???2: 0%

New vermin type enemies (still in progress...):
They will only appear in combat. They can not inflict wounds or rape Sienna. Hitting them causes no wand damage (nor sprite intervention). Their whole purpose is to help the other monsters.
They must be defeated in order for the primary monsters to be defeated (if a vermin is all that remains when you're defeated then you will still be raped by the primary monster).

Currently there is only vermin for Kobolds, Abyssians, and Ochre Slimes.
Vermin also now feature in the challenge room. The spider statue now functions and will change into a different challenge room after 10 completions. The 2nd challenge room will not change after 10 completions. The 2nd challenge room will not upgrade (yet) after 10 completions.

Warning! The green slimes in The Vinery have a chance of spawning more vermin than the game can handle. Save your game before fighting any green slimes in this build as they could possibly crash your game. This will be fixed in future versions but I forgot to remove them for this version.

Other Changes:
Changed Escape Ability to Dexterity, which is now 50 for all characters and steadily increases as they level.
Dexterity should no longer be lost when clothing is lost.
For balance purposes Sienna still loses clothing layers when escaping from combat.
Clothing layers now provide warmth, which will be very important in some later areas.

Common items can now be converted into resources, which will be used to complete quests (some of which will be for outfits and other special rewards).
This will also be useful as a time, nutrition, and hydration sink.
It also means you'll often have a use for all those items that often go above the 99 item limit.
All foods except for mushrooms can now be stored as a generic food source. I felt that mushrooms are already a valuable resource, as you can sell the extra tonics anyway.
This is currently just "working" and should be fully functional, but any bug reports/issues/suggestions on this new storage/crafting system would be much appreciated. :)

IMPORTANT! Currently Sienna can only give birth to Nadie. The other children will not be available in this update due to the current state of the game's development.
Also, Nadie can still grow and mature the same as she did in past versions, but a quest is now required to initially gain her. This will change in future updates for all children.

Sienna can no longer give birth to fairy children outside of quests. Gestation for them will start at 4 and keep increasing until the room for that child is prepared.
After that, 9 months (270 days) will pass. I'll probably add a months and/or years variables so that her character card won't be something ridiculous like 5278 days.. xD
This will be especially important as her children grow older. I'll probably have two events happen once all children are born, the first lasting 5 years (making them 5 to 9 years old), and the 2nd lasting another 10 years, making Sienna's children 15 (depends..) to 19 (Nadie) years old. This means I'll have a lot of work to do to set up the first portion of the game, introducing at least 5 more characters who will very likely rape Sienna (unavoidable) and then whom will also feature prominently later on. Like it or not, Sienna will probably tell each one who their father is.. or maybe they will find out. Then again, maybe some of their fathers won't survive those 15 years. xD

I've added a couple of events, but haven't fully integrated them yet.
Some stuff will happen when you sleep (dreams, etc..) to add a bit more storyline.
Another Place amulet was moved to one of these events.
Bribing monsters with sex is now a learned skill. I may add more opportunities to learn it later on, but currently there is only one way to get it (and it can be lost).

Playing through the starting area. Will carefully balance excess resources as I see fit.
* Updating portraits and the starting house: 40%? (Maybe 100%... Did I finish this?)

* Sienna will now use 5 logs to start the fire and 5 bottles of water to fill the bucket. These are used up when she uses them. They are no longer used up at the end of the day.

*If you are away from home and the time is getting late Sienna will start to get sleepy, losing 1 Stamina, and the entire party will lose 10 HP and 5 MP every 6 seconds or so. The sleep spell animation will also appear.
This is to indicate that you should cast safety and get some rest. I don't want to force players to return home, but I do think there should be a recurring penalty.

*Nutrition & Hydration are now more balanced (less hydration from most sources, less nutrition and hydration gain from drinking potions).
Open wounds, infections, disease, poison, etc.. are all now more severe. They will initially deplete your stamina and increase warmth (fever simulation). When your stamina is gone they will rapidly attack your needs, resulting in a lot of health loss if not treated. Poison damages health and inflicts poison status. Immunity (currently hidden) helps defend against infection, poison, and disease. It's increased by tonics, but decreased by antidotes.

*Added some extra variety to the battles. This means that many battles will be more engaging, entertaining, and rewarding.
Random neutral entities will appear alongside enemies, giving players side objectives during a fight.
Gain additional exp, alchemy items, or other rewards at the expense of one of Sienna's turns.
Sometimes an obscure message will appear, indicating a problem. If you search garbage, for example, then your hygiene will suffer significantly.
You will have to start over as of version 1B11. Previous save files are incompatible.

Vermin will still be present, but their type will be left completely to chance (instead of more appearing based on your level).

Intro Evil Plant: Done
Big Spider: Done
Big Rat: Done
Brown Slime: Done
Abyssians: Done (new vermin Abyssians added. Rats didn't seem appropriate)
(to be continued...)

Skeleton Sex: Done (except for the threesomes)
Ghost Sex: Done (" ")
The Mines Golem & Ochre Slime Sex: Done! (copy/paste = win)

Zombie Sex: 90% (needs eventing)
The Mines Lizardmen Sex: 0% (might be difficult)
Lava Slime Sex: 0% (should be easy)

Secret New Area within The Dungeon: ?%
Level 1: Needs monsters, level transitions, and a boss room.
Level 2: Needs monsters and level transitions.
Level 3: Needs some more loot. Also needs the monsters, level transitions, and boss room of course.
SNA B which is within the ^SNA^ wt dungeon: ?%
Level 1: Needs layout, loot, monsters, level transitions, and boss room.
Level 2: " "
Level 3: " "
Level 4? (may or may not be a level 4)

Continue work on vermin: Make some appear in random fights when walking around in total darkness. Add vermin to Crypts, Vinery, and all fights where appropriate.

Allow the player to access the new areas: 75% (Two items are needed, currently you can get one of them. The other item you can get, but I need to place an NPC that will do something with that item)

~New Succubus sprites: 100%

More work on the new bribery and sex system:
Vaginal & Anal Combo: 100%
Vaginal: 100%
Anal: 100%
Oral: 100%
Oral & Vaginal (threesome) Combo: Done? Need to test in a common situation (two patrolling monsters).
Oral & Anal (threesome) Combo: (I don't think this is actually needed)

Currently libido will increase the climax by one per point of libido.
That 'could' get rather lengthy, so I will need to modify it (later) such that higher amounts of libido will make the monster finish coming at higher speeds.
Also need to limit the libidos to a maximum of 100, with higher amounts possible but quickly dissipating.
Anal sex can get Sienna pregnant, although it is a very low chance (some excess semen always dribbles onto her pussy). That chance is increased slightly if her pussy has sperm already in it.

Redo other fairy bodies: 89%
Add outfits for them as well: 33%

Quest Display: 25%
New Quest Reward System: 100% (all characters, even those not yet discovered, gain exp from quests).

Apply Quest Reward to Kendra's quest: 0%
Kendra's 4 ingredient quest: 80%
I need to fix it so that you get the same result regardless of your earlier choice, but that will change after I make more of the later parts of the game.
This is because I need more sprites for the 1st ending and I don't want to make all that right now. xP

Content after Kendra's 4 ingredient quest:
Possible early game ending: 0%
Added new area (no monsters or bosses yet).

1B11 Additions:
The Undergarden: 95% (just need to determine the last boss item)

The Vinery Level 8: 75% (may add rooms)
Boss 4: 90% (could use some visual improvements.. but it is 100% functional).
The Vinery Level 9: 0%
The Vinery Level 10: 0%
Boss 5: 0%

The Mines levels 1-3: 95%
The Mines Level 4: 0%
New monsters for the mines: 75%? (need one more, maybe)

Use custom menus script to display various in-game help topics and other information: 30%
A more intuitive tutorial: 25%?
Playthrough/tweaking: 2%

Dark punishments: 5%
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Oct 11, 2011
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Yes it's from the "Toilet 2"? game. It actually took me a long time to screenshot each frame from the flash game. xD

I was going to add in the climax as well but there's too many frames to screenshot, so I decided on what you see in the game.

Lately I've been playing VH (violated Heroine), and found the sprite sex to be surprisingly effective despite their simplicity. I've been considering just having most of the sex be sprite sex in the game but I'm not sure. Full screen sex scenes can tend to be overly long which leads to boredom and frustrated button mashing. At least IMO.

I've already made two slime sex sprites. I also like the idea because it adds new content rather than re-using stuff that players like yourself have already seen before.

Also, any opinions on the sexual sounds? I was going for more realistic, softer sex noises (well I need to take out some of her cries, but I mean the squishy sounds anyway). Is realistic better? Or is it better to have loud splashing, squishing, slimy, squirting noises? Or should it depend on the monster?
Aha! Well regardless it's awesome you took the time to throw an animation in there. As for the sounds I usually play with the sound off on most games (they usually have odd or kinda disturbing noises) so I can't really comment. But maybe some light slapping/squishing noise accompanied by a youthful moaning? Just a thought.


Demon Girl Pro
Feb 11, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Hey I'm having issues getting the game running, I haven't had any issues playing similar games did I miss something? Regular errors.


Mystic Girl
Oct 2, 2010
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Hey I'm having issues getting the game running, I haven't had any issues playing similar games did I miss something? Regular errors.
If you don't give us anything to work with, we can't help you...


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Did you re-download after my initial upload?

Also you need the Run-Time package for RPG Maker VX.


Demon Girl Pro
Feb 11, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Did you re-download after my initial upload?

Also you need the Run-Time package for RPG Maker VX.
Have the runtime and rpg maker installed, For some reason the error didnt post the first time. (it was late might have been me.) Error is :RGSS202E.dll Could not be found.

Sorry about that.


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Hmm.. sorry I don't know much about RPG Maker errors. Maybe someone else can help you though.

As for progress. I've got 3 monsters sex sprites done now and I may go back and change the human enemies (use those from VH instead). Haven't really decided yet. I hope it's OK that I'm modifying and using some sprites from VH. x]

The smaller enemies just tend to look better. I made a sex sprite using the orc from RPG Maker VX but he's huge compared to the fairy. Makes sense to be bigger I guess, but the proportions are gross by comparison.

I've also been working on adding the first boss fight to the game. And I added one mining area. Once I've gotten everything polished to my satisfaction I'll upload another demo.


Mystic Girl
Oct 2, 2010
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Have the runtime and rpg maker installed, For some reason the error didnt post the first time. (it was late might have been me.) Error is :RGSS202E.dll Could not be found.

Sorry about that.
That error is usually associated with not having the correct version of RPGMaker installed...


Tentacle God
Mar 10, 2013
Re: RPGM VX Survival Project [NSFW!] [18+] (Demo updated)

Started work on the random rooms. It's going well. Each time you visit the dungeon the rooms (the ones you enter that will change map) will not all be the same as they were. I wasn't able to make it as random as I wanted, and there will only be 20 rooms and 20 locations for rooms. That's pretty good though IMO.

Also started redoing the loot. It's going to be much more.. dynamic?.. now. Instead of 5, 10, 15 gold you will find 1 to 10 pieces. Or 1 to 5 gems. Or some of both. Or cloth. Will add food boxes too, among other things. Also if you have the hatchet equipped you can chop up the box for wood after looting it.

Hopefully I can have a new demo ready in a few days. I just want to make sure there's plenty to do first and also that it's fun and not too frustrating.

Edit: April 2, 2013.
Just a little update to let anyone following the thread know that I'm working on this every day. Currently working on redoing the intro. I want to make it into a tutorial but also with some fun gameplay in it too. You'll have about 9 days to do anything you want before you're thrown into the Abyss.

Edit: April 5th, 2013.
Finished the tutorial. Time to go back to working on the dungeon areas. Will try to add at least 3 different monster types for each region type. Some monsters will have multiple types, meaning the same monster you encounter later on could be a lot tougher, have better loot, but its sex scene type and possible baby that would produce will remain the same.

Also, I plan on heightening most of the sprites at project's end. The sprites I used from Violated Heroine are just too tiny when compared to the scenery.

Edit: April 8th, 2013.
Finished adding the first child. Still needs some work but she's coming along nicely. Reworked the main Hub area. It has more of a Megaman-boss-room style now.
It's more.. organized? Handy? What's the word? Eh. The only thing not handy now are the two selling NPCs, and that's just a few steps away from the dungeon areas.
Also working on adding unique monsters to the forest area. And making fire spell (cantrip) do stuff, but it's complicated. It works well, but needs some improvement.

Edit: April 10th.
Linked all 10 dungeon rooms (sorta). It has a rather unique feel to it and gives the dungeon a personality of its own. I had fun just running around gathering treasure while avoiding enemies.
I found out that gold can be rather difficult to obtain. I'll add a merchant that will buy stuff. Most items will only sell for 1 gold but it will be a nice supplement. Not sure whether or not to keep tool prices at 500 and 1000 each. I may tone that down a bit after further testing. Added another monster (but not tested) to the dungeon areas.

Edit: April 14th.
Played through the tutorial. Had to rework it a bit (too long, reduced from 10 days to 1 day.. lol). It still seems long at 1 hour and 20 minutes (or so). I may add an option for players to skip it later. I may add more things to do in the tutorial later on to make it more interesting. Like more tool tutorials.
Reworking the skills system. Alchemy works very nicely now. Also redid the first aid. Bleeding wounds are all patched with 1 cloth, as before. And after that you can stitch each individual wound with one cloth. This will help use up a lot of the additional cloths you'll be finding.

Edit: April 15th (sorta).
Need to do an overhaul of the dungeon areas. I'm going to combine them all into one map.
Not yet though... too much work. xP For now the reset of monsters & loot takes a few minutes, so it's a temporary option.
I want to do just a bit more work before I upload the next updated demo. Could be 5 days or 10 days.. or I may decide to do that tomorrow.
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